Albion River Inn

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3790 North Highway 1, Albion, CA, 95410

Albion River Inn is located on the ocean side of Coast Highway 1, six miles south of the historic village of Mendocino, only minutes from galleries, boutiques, state parks, beaches, golf & tennis, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and horseback riding along California's Mendocino coast.

The scenic drive to the Mendocino Coast through the redwoods and California wine country via route 101 North and 128 West, takes about 3½ hours from the San Francisco Bay area.

You'll enjoy the bucolic beauty of Anderson Valley's wine country which offers uncomplicated access to charming tasting rooms and superb wines of the Anderson Valley Appeletion Region. You'll drive through apple orchards, vineyards and dense redwood forests, following the Navarro River to the sea.

Toulouse Vineyard

If you choose the rugged and spectacular coastal route along Highway 1, allow at least 5 hours for your drive from the San Francisco Bay area to the Mendocino Coast and Albion River Inn.

This route in places clings to the side of the coastal slopes and mountains, and winds through some of the most beautiful vistas on our planet.

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